Arcana Coelestia duplex motricium coegi CPD18M


Parameter Model Manufacturers grades CPD18M Power modes Ele ctric, Diesel, Petrol Electric Operate mode Sit Rated capacity Q Rated capacity kg 1800 Load center c Rated load center mm 500 Optional capabilities Q2 capability at 600mm load center kg 1570 Load distance (front suspension) x Front axle center to the fork surface mm 435 Wheelbase y mm 1485 Weight Use weight Including the smallest capacity battery, see 6.5 line kg 3730 Axle Loading Load Fron...

  • MALITIA Price: US $ 0.5 - 9,999 / Motet;
  • Min.Order Price: C Song / Mass
  • Facultates copiam: (X) Song / mense per fragmina
  • Portus, Ningbo
  • Payment Terms: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
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    model manufacturers grades CPD18M
    modi potestate Ele ctric, Diesel, Petrol Electric
    modus agunt sit
    facultatem rated Q facultatem rated kg 1800
    onus centrum c Onus centrum rated mm 500
    libitum capabilities Q2 facultatem ad centrum onus 600mm kg 1570
    Onus longe (ante suspensionis) x Fronte axe centro ad superficiem furca mm 435
    Minibus y mm 1485


    pondus uti Inter quas minimam facultatem altilium, videatur linea 6.5 kg 3730
    axem loading onus ante kg 5080
    Back kg 650
    DEONERO ante kg 1790
    Back kg 1940


    Type strigare Pneumaticae coronas, solidum lineae pneumaticae coronas
    Location strigare ante XVIII × 7-8
    Back XLI × XV / 2-8
    Number of Rota Ante / Back 2/2
    Calca, subigens on Page b10 mm 950
    Calca, subigens Audi b11 mm 170


    Angulus asseribus conlapsus pons a / b Deinceps / retrorsum gradus 6/10
    Altitudo malum et patefacientes submiserunt h1 II gradu frame mm 2050
    Leva in Std.Free h2 II gradu vexillum ostium frame de terra mm 140
    Altitudo Std.Lift h3 II gradu vexillum ostium frame de terra mm 3000
    Altitudo malum, Extended h4 II gradu vexillum ostium frame mm 3955
    Altitudinis, supra caput Cohortis h6 mm 2070
    Longitudo cum Std.Forks l1 mm 2885
    Longitudo ad faciem Orem l2 mm 1935
    Width, ad Type b1 unum mm 1110
    apud furcas s / e / l mm XL × × CXX MLXX
    Apud furcas Vehiculum Paleonemertea Class ISO MMCCCXXVIII, Type A / B / nec Class2, Type A
    width raeda b3 mm 970
    Clearance terram m1 in ostium artus mm 124
    M2 Centro Minibus mm 125
    Rectus Stacking Aisle Ast cum L1000 x bracket W1200 mm 3095
    Ast cum L1200 x bracket W800 mm 3295
    conversus radius WA mm 1600

    Peyfor Mance,

    Volo Travel loaded / expositae de nauibus km / h 14/15
    Volo SUBDUCTARIUS loaded / expositae de nauibus mm / s 265/450
    Volo triste caelum loaded / expositae de nauibus mm / s 430/340
    excute Max.Drawbar loaded: 3min, rated N 9560
    Max.Gradeability onusta: 3min, rated / 1.5 / hour % 17
    fregit Service agunt / pedal imperium / hydrau pedal / hydrau
    raedam SUFFAMEN agunt / manual imperium / mechanica manual / mechanica
    steering ratio FHPS


    Arcana Coelestia Coegi Motor (n) 60min, rating kw 4,5 × II
    Arcana Coelestia pump Motor (n) 5min, rating kw 9
    altilium intentione V 48
    Altilium capacitatem rated Ah / 5hr 460
    Altilium capacitatem, min Ah / 5hr 390
    Altilium capacitatem: max Ah / 5hr 565
    Pondus altilium Cruenta Pugna Min.capacity: Ecce linea 6.4.1 kg 650


    Motor Control Coegi transistors
    Pressio subsidio adscriptione bar 176
    cisternina capacitatem I. 23

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