Electric Tractors – What To Look For

When you shop for electric tractors you need to look for quality construction, power and versatility. Tractors are not cheap pieces of equipment. Therefore, to increase the value of your investment you need to select a tractor that will provide you with years of trouble free service and that will also provide you with work versatility by offering you a variety of interchangeable attachments.

One of the most popular manufacturers of electric tractors is John Deere. They have been manufacturing electric tractors in the U.S. for decades. Today they still offer a great selection of electric tractors and tractor attachments. Some of their utility tractors include: cab tractors, 90 series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series, 4000 Series, 5003 Series, 5005 Series, 5025 Series and the 5600 Series. They also offer a line of tractor loaders and backhoes.

Another company that manufactures electric tractors is Kubota. Their tractor lines include the BX Series, the TLB Series, the B Series, the L Series and the M Series. Each of these series is designed for a specific range of jobs. The BX Series is designed for residential work like gardening, towing, mowing and light material handling. The TLB Series can be used for material handling, towing, light construction, landscaping and trenching. The B Series is used for medium-large work loads like ground maintenance and landscaping.

If you are interested in antique tractors then you will need to either find a dealer or you will need to start visiting junk yards. By scouring local junk and scrap yards you can find bodies and parts that you can use to re-create or restore an antique electric tractor. You can find missing parts by talking with service and parts representatives of the manufacturer of the tractor that you are working on.

Electric tractors can be used in just about any setting from residential properties and landscaping to commercial properties and agricultural farming. The type of electric tractor that you buy is going to depend on several factors. These factors include: how much you have to spend, what you need to use it for and how much land you need to work. Manufacturers of electric tractors, mowers and farm equipment include John Deere electric tractors , Kubota and GE tractors.

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