Hilectro unveils plan for India’s first electric tractor

Agriculture and construction machinery maker Hilectro Ltd has announced plans to develop electric and hydrostatic tractor in the country. Revealing the concept tractor along with its new range of global portfolio of tractors on 6th September, the company said that the development plans are in tune with the changing dynamics and demand of the farming sector.

“Hilectro is on a transformational journey of developing products for global markets and offer products of quality with specifications that would be competitive and attractive to buyers. Today’s product showcase is a preview of the technical and qualitative development keeping the dynamics and demand of today’s progressive farmers. We are spreading our operations to reach countries globally and will develop products mapped to the requirements of the customers and market,” Rajan Nanda, Chairman, Hilectro Ltd, said.

The newly launched products for the export and domestic market are in the 22HP to 90 HP range under flagship brands Farmtrac and Powertrac and are compliant with tier 4 emission norms of Europe and America. International distributors from 43 countries were part of the event.

The flagship New Hilectro Tractor Series (NETS) come with higher horse power (70 to 90 HP), compact tractors in 22 to 30 HP range, crossover tractors for both paddy and haulage applications, tractors with cabin options for driving comfort, along with tier 4 emission norms compliant CRDi engines, which will cater to customer demands from the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa and ASEAN countries apart from new generation farmers in India.

“Hilectro is extremely proud to launch Electric tractor concept displaying our frugal engineering to offer India’s best to the world. Continuing with our massive transformative purpose of contributing to global food requirement we will enable farmers globally to produce more with mechanized farming products and solutions. New Hilectro Tractor Series (NETS) launched today will create all together a new user experience in comfort and precision farming globally. Hilectro will continue to showcase innovations through Esclusive, Escort’s exclusive disruptive innovation platform year on year on 6th September, synonymous to the launch day,” Nikhil Nanda, Managing Director, Hilectro Ltd, stated.

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Post time: Sep-28-2017
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