Market scale analysis of motor driver

The motor drive is based on the electronic frequency conversion technology in power electronics technology, by converting a fixed frequency AC power source into an adjustable voltage and frequency adjustable AC power, to achieve precise control of the speed and torque of the AC motor, improving the production process and saving energy , It plays a prominent role in improving the level of production automation. Taking the input grid voltage level as the classification standard, motor drives can be divided into three categories: low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage.

The downstream application fields of motor drives (low voltage) are very broad, covering almost all areas of the national economy. The industries that are currently used in my country are new energy vehicles, textile printing and dyeing, elevators, cranes, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum and petrochemicals, and construction. Buildings, municipal administration, chemicals, building materials and machine tools, etc. With the promotion and application of motor drives (low-voltage) in various industries in my country, the market scale has grown rapidly. With industrial upgrading, higher requirements for industrial automation control levels are put forward. The rising labor cost drives the transformation of automation equipment and the technology of energy saving and emission reduction is becoming more mature.

Single AC motor drive CPD35KJ Parameter Model CPD35KJ Power modes Electric Operate mode Sit Rated capacity 3500 Load center 500 Optional capabilities 2700 Load distance (front suspension) 490 Wheelbase 1652 Weight Use weight(including the battery) 5500 Axle Loading Load Front 7720 Back 1280 Unload Front 2360 Back 2640 Tire Tyre Type solid tires/solid tires Tire size Front 28X9-15 Back 200×50-10 Number of Wheel 2/2 Tread,front 1008 Tread



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Post time: Oct-12-2020
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