What are the advantages of AC powered forklifts?

In today’s China, many ports, wharves, warehouses and construction sites for the use of forklifts are very large demand, and as the saying goes, there is a market demand. With the increasingly wide use of forklift, the driving mode also began to diversify. Today, Sichuan forklift company will introduce the advantages of AC drive forklift.

The overall performance of the electric forklift with AC drive will be significantly improved, the failure and component replacement rate will be significantly reduced, and the reliability will also be enhanced; the production efficiency of forklift truck per unit time will be higher, and the operation and maintenance cost will be very low, which will bring obvious effect to users.

AC motor does not need reversing contactor forward and backward commutation, saving parts. More importantly, AC motor without carbon brush and commutator, not only the size of the motor is more light and compact, the running speed will be greatly improved.

We have a lot of double AC motor drives products like Double AC motor drive CPD25Double AC motor drive CPD20  so on. Take double AC motor drive cpd20 as an example, the product parameters are as follows.


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Post time: Oct-19-2020
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